Book News (yes, there is some!) – a new story on the way, and a bargain for new readers

Grapes on vinePeople have been asking whether there will be more adventures for Ruso and Tilla, and the answer is…  yes! I’ve had a break from writing over the summer but a short novel/long story is about to go to the editor. It’ll be a return visit to the sunny vineyards of southern Gaul, where Ruso finds that his family are older, but not necessarily wiser. The story will appear as an ebook ‘special’ and it might – or might not – be called PRIMA FACIE. More news when I have it!

Meanwhile all eight books currently in the series should now be available everywhere in ebook and also in audiobook, read by the talented Simon Vance. They WILL all be back in print in the UK before long (I know I’ve been saying this for a while) but if you want a print copy right now and can’t find it, let me know and I’ll check in the box under the bed.

$1.99 bargain!

Cover of MEDICUS US editionLast time it was the turn of British readers – now it’s friends in the USA who can get hold of the ebook of MEDICUS for a mere $1.99 throughout the month of October.

I suspect if you’re reading this you’ve already read MEDICUS, but if you know someone else who might enjoy it, please tell them that NOW is the time to download it!


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23 thoughts on “Book News (yes, there is some!) – a new story on the way, and a bargain for new readers

    1. Hi Marie, I’m afraid it’s not looking likely at the moment, simply because the length (it’s about 1/3 of a novel) is unlikely to tempt a publisher… but I’ll talk to my agent and if there’s any chance we’ll grab it with both hands.

  1. Yippee! My favourite grumpy colleague! Well, ex-colleague as I’m retired now, but then Ruso is well and truly dead so …
    Absolutely looking forward to it, Ruth. More power to your arm, er, fingers!

  2. I think I’m a “Ruso Stalker”. I keep checking every book website looking for the next installment.
    I’ve read and listened (kudos to Simon Vance) to every book and enjoyed them all immensely. My husband says I’m in such a good mood while reading/listening and for a little while afterward…then the hunt begins to find the next Ruso novel.
    Thank you for providing me with such well developed, believable story lines and characters– and for painlessly educating me about this momentous historical period. You’re my favorite author.

    1. Oh that’s lovely, thank you Dani! And yes, Simon Vance has done a terrific job with the audio.
      Sorry not to have more info on the next story yet, but it’ll be in the newsletter, on here & splattered across Facebook as soon as I have a date.

  3. Greetings from across the pond, I love your writing. The Medicus series is my favourite since Harry Potter. Looking forward to Book 9.

    1. Thank you Christopher, that’s very kind of you! The next book will be a novella and it really will be out soon – I hope…

  4. I discovered Medicus on NPR while on my way to a 1st century Roman Re-enactment event in Lafe, Arkansas, USA. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve got all your books and even managed to find a couple of signed copies. The opening line for Medicus is absolutely brilliant (I’m an editor and I think I know brilliant writing when I see it). One thing: although I’ve signed up for your newsletter some time ago, I haven’t received any yet.

    1. Hi Paul,
      You’re very kind, thank you! I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the books. Are you a re-enactor as well as an editor?
      Apologies about the newsletter. It’s probably because I try to do them only when there’s some news (any marketing folk reading this will roll their eyes & mutter, ‘Well make some news then!’ at this point.). However… there should be one pretty soon. (I must get better at this!)
      All the best,

      1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have retired from both reenacting and editing (although I do a bit of freelance). However, I still love reading history and historical fiction of the time period.

      2. As someone who’s grateful for the wisdom of both editors and re-enactors – and the loyalty of readers – thank you! 😊

  5. As a retired Classicist ( Latin and Ancient Greek ) , I cannot get enough historical fiction set in The Republic or The Empire periods of Rome : Lindsey Davis , Steven Saylor and you , Ms. Downie , meet my exacting standards of excellence when it comes to creating characters set within truly historical context . I have no patience with rubbish that is fraught with historical inaccuracies . Mc Cullough’s First Man in Rome series was an amazing and enthralling work which she researched exhaustively … I was impressed to say the least . I am very interested in Roman Britain and , having taught from The Cambridge Latin texts , I was encouraged to read more extensively on the Celts , The Picts and The Gaels . Your Ruso and Tilla are among my favorite characters to inhabit that part of the world at that time in the Second Century A.D.; certainly , I look forward to another novel . You are among my favorite writers and I appreciate enormously your attention to the detail of the period .

    Bobby Guarnella
    Loganville , Georgia USA

    1. Bobby, thanks so much for your kind words! It’s an honour to hear that a real Classicist (which I’m certainly not) enjoys the books. Doing the research is a delight: a chance to explore new places and follow up whatever turns out to be interesting. While I’m not an expert I’m extremely grateful to the many people who are, and who have generously shared their time and knowledge.

      As you’ll know, the frustration of Roman Britain is that all the contemporary written accounts come from the Romans. I wanted to know what the locals might have thought of it all, and how the two cultures might (or might not) have rubbed along together. The British tribes have left us archaeology, but very few words. That absence is what drives the fiction, and I’m so glad you enjoy reading it.

  6. Looking forward to reading the novella, any news of a date yet? Hope there will be another full-length Ruso book!

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for asking! It’s looking like 9 July for PRIMA FACIE but I’m just waiting for confirmation (next week) before spreading the word.

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