We are (not) at a party…

Some years ago I worked for a small company where, on 23 December, the boss changed the answerphone message to explain that we’d all left early to go to the office Christmas party.

Sometime in mid-February, one of us phoned in from outside and discovered that we were STILL at the office Christmas party. Which is, I realise, rather how things have been looking on this blog.

However – while on the surface here I’ve been wishing everyone a merry Christmas for the last two months, the excellent Stuart Smith has been in action behind the scenes with an early website springclean. Now that we’ve had all our messy code mopped up and our digital cobwebs brushed away, I’ll get back to work. Before long the diary page will leap forward into 2019. Happy New Year!

(Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)

2 thoughts on “We are (not) at a party…

  1. It looks like I missed books 5-7! Will they go on sale again (I never pay full price… sorry).

    1. It depends where you are, I’m afraid! In any case these things are a bit hard to predict. Can you maybe get them through your local library?

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