PRIMA FACIE in audio!

Singing and dancing at Downie Towers* – I can finally confirm that PRIMA FACIE will be an audiobook!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s asked. It’ll be available in early November. As further proof that the gods have smiled on us, it will be read by the enormously popular Simon Vance.

I’ll be spreading the word by newsletter, social media, pigeon post etc so hopefully everyone who wanted to know will hear it. Possibly several times.

Here’s the link to the info at Tantor Media.

*well there will be when I get there later today. Singing and dancing is frowned upon on the CrossCountry train from Birmingham.

12 thoughts on “PRIMA FACIE in audio!

  1. Hurrah, and more hurrah. Just in time to get to work on my Christmas things. I listen as I paint or sew. Canโ€™t wait.

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  2. Ruth–

    oh, my — i have STILL not read Memento Mori, as I have been saving it as a special treat… a reward. i have not had the time to follow you and Ruso and Tilla as closely as I would have liked, (work, family, the state of the world, that stuff) so I am even more delighted that I also have Prima Facie to look forward to. You have made my month!


  3. Hi Linda,

    Ruso and Tilla, themselves battling with work, family and the state of – well, mostly Britannia – would understand completely. Hope you enjoy catching up when you have time!

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