Prima Facie in audio now!

Prima Facie audiobook cover - mosaic of lovers in bath house with bloodstain

We interrupt the recent silence from Downie Towers to bring you the news that the long-awaited audio of PRIMA FACIE is now available!

Three hours in the company of Ruso, Tilla and Ruso’s dysfunctional family – all brought to life by the excellent Simon Vance.

Happy days!

PRIMA FACIE should be in all the usual places, including Audible, Kobo and Tantor Media, the publishers. I expect it’s in iTunes too, but I don’t have an i-Thing to check.

6 thoughts on “Prima Facie in audio now!

    1. Thank you Jane! Yes, only 28 days left to buy presents and practise cooking ready for the staff’s annual day off! 😉

    2. Absolutely love having Ruso back with his family! Great book as usual! When can we expect a new full-length book?

      I really cannot express how much I love this series! Brilliant writing through and through!

      1. Delighted that you enjoyed it, Damon! I’ve been taking a break recently to write a short story featuring Albanus (if you haven’t seen it, you’ll find it under the ‘News’ tab at the top of the page) but it’s back to work on the next book tomorrow. No date yet I’m afraid… 😳

  1. Ruth!

    Hope you are working away at the further adventures of Ruso, Tilla and Ruso’s dysfunctional family. Your fans await none to patiently…

    Cheers from across the pond,

    1. Not sure it’s classed as working, Jamie, but I’ve been staring at a large plot hole in the next story for several days! 😂

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