Come to lunch!

UPDATE, 17 March – No! Don’t come to lunch! Sadly, it’s cancelled.

Having been woken from hibernation by Storm Ciara, I’m now snatching a brief moment of calm before Storm Dennis (due tomorrow) to issue an invitation:

Join us for a Literary Lunch near Taunton on Monday 20 April! I’ll be talking all things book-related with Lionel Ward of Brendon Books. Lionel is not only an independent bookseller but also the organizer of the Taunton Literary Festival.  I’m looking forward to learning about the book business from someone who actually knows what happens to the words after they’re written.   

Proceeds from the lunch will go to combat period poverty and to other charities supported by the organisers, Langport and Somerton Inner Wheel.  A two-course lunch will cost £15 and the venue is The Langport Arms Hotel.  You’ll need to book in advance, so please call 07841 465327.

Meanwhile, for the entertainment of friends who can’t make it to Taunton (and I realise a Monday lunchtime is a bit of a stretch if you live in, say, Seattle…) here’s a quick hello from Storm Ciara.

4 thoughts on “Come to lunch!

    1. Well given the weather here at the moment, Jamie (storm Dennis is now howling around the house, rattling the windows and doors) I think you’re lucky! 😂

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