Authors without Borders

Starting today, a bunch of historical novelists mustered by Ben Kane will be publishing short stories in instalments on their Facebook pages for your daily entertainment!

What did Albanus get up to while Ruso and Tilla were on their trip to Rome? You can find out here. There’s also a list of links pinned at the top of that page so you can find everyone else’s stories, but here’s the list as I have it:

Derek Birks:
Christian Cameron:
Gordon Doherty:
Alex Gough :
Douglas Jackson:
Ben Kane:
Simon Scarrow:
Sam Taw:
L J Trafford:


6 thoughts on “Authors without Borders

  1. Thanks Ruth, those Ozzie and Harriet reruns we’re getting old. Hope things are going well for you and your kin. Self quarantined in Alabama. Stay safe, Jamie

    1. Thank Jamie! All well here at Downie Towers although today’s delivery of a box of vegetables occasioned such celebration that I think we might be going quietly crackers. All good wishes to you & yours – stay safe. – Ruth

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