Blades and Banter – in conversation with Ben Kane

Looking forward to a Saturday evening chat with fellow “Roman” author Ben Kane on 23 January!

Image of crossed axe and sword - logo BB - caption Ben Kane in conversation with Ruth Downie, Saturday 23rd Jauary 2021 at 2000hrs (UK)

We’ll be safely Zooming from our own homes and I’ve been assured that despite the title, weapons won’t be necessary. So instead of sharpening my nonexistent sword I’ve bought a new webcam, and it’s worked! I no longer look as if I’m sharing a room with a Belisha beacon. (For non-British friends, this is the perpetually flashing orange light that tells drivers they’re approaching a pedestrian crossing. Useful in the street: less so in the study.)

Ben is an excellent host and we’ll be chatting about books, and Romans, and whatever distraction passes our way, as well as attempting to answer any questions that come up. Come and join us! We’ll be starting at 8pm* on Saturday 23 January, tickets are £7.50 and you can get them from Eventbrite here. You’ll then get the link to join us nearer the time.

While you’re in Eventbrite, it’s worth taking a look around to see who else will be on Ben’s expanding guest list for later in the year. I’ve been to a couple of these evenings as a member of the audience and thoroughly enjoyed them.

*That’s mid-afternoonish on the US east coast, sort of lunchtime on the US West coast, and the middle of the night in Japan – sorry!

6 thoughts on “Blades and Banter – in conversation with Ben Kane

  1. Ruth,

    Thanks but I’ve recently made many attempts to create and use an Eventbrite password all of which have failed so far. I’ll find out tomorrow whether the latest try has worked and I’ll decide in the light of that whether to try this one.
    Sent from my iPhone.
    Tony Kesten

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for sorting the time out. A quick Google just turned £7.50 into 10.13 dollars but I guess it will depend on what exchange rate they’re using. Does that seem about right? If not I’ll check with Ben. 😊

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