Blades and Banter, the postscript

Big thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday evening! It was a privilege to be invited into your computer screens and I hope you enjoyed it. When I finally worked out how to read the comments, they were a delight.

Hopefully nobody ran screaming from the room at the gory bits (unfortunately when you let a former vet loose with someone who writes about a Roman medic, there may be a little too much information) and please, please, if you have a toothache, call the dentist. Even if you can get hold of the sting of a stingray, it’s unlikely to do either of you any good. No matter what anyone said back in the second century.

Below are the best screenshots I could find. The rest will be confined to the recycle bin and hopefully never seen again.

Screenshots of Ben Kane and Ruth Downie

Ben plans to hold more of these fun informal events online, so if you want to be kept up to date with what’s happening, you can ask for updates from Eventbrite here.

6 thoughts on “Blades and Banter, the postscript

  1. Hi Ruth,

    I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to join you yesterday evening, but I’m so glad it went well fit you.

    Hopefully you’ll do another one soon xx

    Love Edna xxx
    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Sorry you couldn’t make it, Edna. Would be great to see you at some point. Hopefully Ben will be doing more of these and I’m helping with an Archaeology talk on 8 May – more later. Stay safe! xx

  2. Ruth,

    So loved hearing your voice and your writing experiences. The link was excellent – even from across the Pond. Please publish the short story about Albinus and keep-on keeping on. Your fans await the next Ruso and Tilly adventure.

    Stay safe and stay well – typed on two fingers …

    Cheers! Jamie Dodson

  3. Ruth,
    I have really enjoyed your books. I first found them when I was in Iraq. I like how you can almost see and hear and smell everything. Will you be publishing more of the Medicus series soon?
    Thank You

    1. Hi John, glad you’ve enjoyed the books! Thanks for getting in touch. There is a new book under way, albeit very slowly (you’d think it be quicker with fewer distractions in lockdown, wouldn’t you?). More info will be here when I have it. 😊

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