A sudden flurry of activity

Well, having been quietly hibernating for the last few months, I’ll be springing into action and giving not one but two online talks in early May.

Should any kind folk care to join me, there’s no charge for either of the talks and both are going out via Zoom, so they should be accessible wherever you are. That’s assuming all the technology co-operates. (The Romans, of course, never had this problem. But then, they could only speak to people within shouting distance.)

First up: I’ll be joining fellow-author Christine Hancock to talk about archaeology and fiction to the good folk of Rugby Archaeological Society on the morning of Saturday 8 May – more info and how to book here:

Then on the evening of Tuesday 11 May I’ll be delivering the Alan Priestley Memorial lecture to friends at CLASP . This will be a more in-depth look at the archaeology behind the MEDICUS stories but as I’m not really an archaeologist, there will only be one or two maps surrounded by lots of pretty pictures.

Everyone is welcome to join us – it’ll be 7.30 pm in the UK so probably mid-afternoon on the US East Coast and late morning on the US West coast. (LATER- I’m told it’ll be 11.30 am in Oregon.) Here’s the link to get the details and book a place, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry. This one is being recorded. (So you can leave all the worrying to me.)

8 thoughts on “A sudden flurry of activity

  1. Thanks Ruth,

    They sound fantastic. Hope you are well and staying safe. Look forward to hopefully meeting up soon. You never know, we might get our picnic at the tunnels this year🤞

    Love Edna xxx
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  2. If the thoughts of the Romans were available to many, accessible via Latin, is Zoom the new lingua franca? Just a thought…

    1. It’s a good thought – and fits nicely with my own musings the other day that causing offence on social media can result in a downfall not dissimilar to banishment by the Emperor. Plus ca change…!

  3. Glad you’re well, Ruth – we are too. Both your events sound great, I’ll try to be there. Re technology…I’ve always thought that if the Romans had managed to invent computers, we’d all be speaking Latin to this day!

    1. I’m sure you’re right. How they would have loved the gossip & intrigue of the Internet! Anyway, back in the 21st century, it’s great to hear from you, Jane. Glad you are well & I hope you can make it to one or other of the Zooms.

  4. Hi, sorry if I missed this fact, but I did miss both lectures, so…
    were either recorded and are those recordings available?
    Tardy in Oregon

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