Bloomsbury Black Friday Bonanza

UPDATE – This offer is now closed. Thanks to everyone who managed to catch it, and sorry to those who didn’t. If it happens again I will spread the word ASAP!

This is hard to believe, but I’ve just seen it on Twitter, so it must be true. Just for today, Bloomsbury USA are putting out all 8 full-length MEDICUS books on Kindle for $3.99 !!! It’s for US (and maybe Canadian??) readers only, I’m afraid, but if that’s you (or a friend who needs a trip to Roman Britain) here’s the link.

Compilation cover for all 8 books

12 thoughts on “Bloomsbury Black Friday Bonanza

      1. Oh dear, yes… see below (or above, or wherever my meandering excuse has placed itself on the page). Book 9 really IS under way, just not very fast. 😳

    1. HI Bobby,
      Thanks for asking. Answering the second question first – no, there’s still more for Ruso and Tilla to do, I think. As to when they’ll be doing it… well the next novel has been under way for a while but it’s not right yet, and until it is, it’ll be staying hidden here at Downie Towers. Really sorry that’s so vague…

    1. Thank you Beth! The only one that isn’t in there is the novella, PRIMA FACIE, but you’ve now got all the full-length stories.

  1. Unfortunately not in Canada, according to my sister on Vancouver Island (recently retired medic and crime fiction fan), who tried very hard to order…

    1. Hm, that’s a challenge… I believe Margaret Atwood had some high-tech solution called “the long pen” but all the pens here at Downie Towers are just the usual size. ☹️

    1. Sorry to hear that, Robert. It was a one-day-only offer last Friday and only seemed to apply to US readers. I’ll amend the post to make it clearer.

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