Kindle bargains for UK and Australia!

I’ve saved this till after midday as, despite appearances, it’s not an April Fool. Amazon UK really have knocked down the price of all 8 full-length Medicus novels to 99p each (!) on Kindle until 30 April, and I’m told that they’re $1.49 each on this month, too. That’s a whole series* for £7.92 / $11.92!

Clicking on the picture should get you to the UK deals (and a photo of me that really needs updating – sorry).

The link here should take you to the page where the Australian deals can be hunted down. They’re scattered amongst print copies and other books as well, so check you have the right thing before clicking.

Picture of 8 novel covers with "99p each" sticker.

*The only Medicus book that’s not included is the novella, PRIMA FACIE, which fits between books 7 and 8. So this month, the shortest book is the most expensive. It’s a mystery.

6 thoughts on “Kindle bargains for UK and Australia!

  1. Seeing these sold as a set
    Brings feelings of fear and regret.
    Please say there’ll be more
    Of these fine tales in store;
    I’ll eternally be in your debt.

    1. Ha! I think I ought to be bribing you to write it for me, Barbara. Meanwhile, evidence that Ruso’s author is no more poetic than he is –

      A scribe who felt faintly ashamed
      Found ways of deflecting the blame.
      “I’m sorry to grovel –
      The dog ate my novel!
      I’ll go back and start it again.”

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Great to receive an update! How are things going in the UK? Will we get to see a new Ruso/Tilla novel at some point?
    Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Brian Thornton

    1. Hi Brian, good to hear from you! Hope you’re well.
      All good here thanks – have so far escaped Covid, but it draws ever closer.
      I have now been footling about with another novel idea for so long that it’s embarrassing. But I have to say the research is a delight. Fingers crossed it will eventually find its way to being a plot!
      All the best,

  3. I’m so curious about the research! it can be so alluring, much more fun that wrestling with plot points.
    I hope it does turn into a novel, and soon.

    1. Thanks Jane! All will be revealed, I hope. Well, not all the research. As you know, loads of it usually turns out to be irrelevant no matter how hard we try to shoehorn it in. 🙄

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