Eboracum Roman Festival 2022

Roman soldiers on the march - caption "They're back! Eboracum Roman Festival June 25/26 2022"
After a gap of 2 (or 1600) years, depending on how you view it, the Romans were back in York last weekend. It was a joy to spend time with visitors, Romans, readers, writers and even the occasional barbarian. A few pics and possibly a snip of video will follow:
What are you doing for the next 20 years? Why not join these friendly soldiers in the Roman army?
Centurion addresses audience in front of soldiers on parade
The Centurion will tell you what to do. Very clearly.
Hand-painted fabric map of Britannia and the coast of Gaul
Travel to exotic foreign lands.
Soldier demonstrating use of long-range weapon.
Weapons training will be provided.
Plus plenty of marching.
Children in red tunics create a defensive formation behind shields.
Help to train new recruits.
The Medicus of Legion XX is fully equipped to deal with any injuries.
Roman board games and a dice-tumbler in the shape of a miniature tower.
Enjoy leisure with comrades…
…or alone.
Fragments of bronze plate with engraved lettering.
You will get a splendid diploma when you retire.
Caption - "soldiers lucky enough to survive army service were rewarded with bronze diplomas. These granted citizenship and the right to marry - both important privileges. This unknown soldier served in the 5th Cohort Raetorum under Sextus Cornelius Dexter of Saldae, Mauretania."
Many years after you are gone, people will come to the Yorkshire Museum to admire it.
And people like this will write about you. Simon Turney, Paul Chrystal, Alex Gough, Nancy Jardine, Alison Morton, me, Jane Finnis, Edwin Pace. (Not pictured – Clive Ashman.)
Roman official with soldiers - caption "Colchester Roman Festival Saturday 30th-Sunday 31st July 2022."
If you still can’t decide, come to Colchester on 30/31 July, when we will try again to persuade you.

6 thoughts on “Eboracum Roman Festival 2022

  1. Hi Ruth,

    A fantastic weekend. I hope you got back ok on Monday.
    How did you do book sale wise? I hope you sold everything 🤞

    Love Edna xxx
    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hi Edna, Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you had a good drive back. Trains were fine on Monday thanks, and I went home with a much lighter suitcase. 😁👍 xx

  2. I loved your wry comments on the Eboracum festival photos, Ruth. Wish it were possible to join you on the 30th for Part II of the celebrations. Salus et bonam fortunam tibi!

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