Blades and Banter, the postscript

Big thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday evening! It was a privilege to be invited into your computer screens and I hope you enjoyed it. When I finally worked out how to read the comments, they were a delight. Hopefully nobody ran screaming from the room at the gory bits (unfortunately when you let … Continue reading Blades and Banter, the postscript

Blades and Banter – in conversation with Ben Kane

Looking forward to a Saturday evening chat with fellow "Roman" author Ben Kane on 23 January! We'll be safely Zooming from our own homes and I've been assured that despite the title, weapons won't be necessary. So instead of sharpening my nonexistent sword I've bought a new webcam, and it's worked! I no longer look … Continue reading Blades and Banter – in conversation with Ben Kane

CARPE DIEM – Week 4 – the final week

Hello! Here's the final week of CARPE DIEM, a new story that's been published in instalments and featuring Albanus from the MEDICUS series. If you didn’t catch the earlier weeks, they're in previous blog posts starting here. You can also find the instalments on Facebook.   Better still, check out – you’ll find great … Continue reading CARPE DIEM – Week 4 – the final week