Prima Facie in audio now!

We interrupt the recent silence from Downie Towers to bring you the news that the long-awaited audio of PRIMA FACIE is now available! Three hours in the company of Ruso, Tilla and Ruso's dysfunctional family - all brought to life by the excellent Simon Vance. Happy days! PRIMA FACIE should be in all the usual … Continue reading Prima Facie in audio now!

Eboracum 2019

Home from another fantastic Roman Festival in York, and huge thanks to everyone who made it possible - organisers, re-enactors, performers, fellow-scribes and of course to the many visitors, without whom we'd all have been very lonely. In previous years I've put up plenty of photos of men on the march, and they do look … Continue reading Eboracum 2019

They’re back! A new MEDICUS novella on 9 July

Cover of PRIMA FACIE Mosaic of lovers in bath house

Many thanks to the patient friends of Ruso and Tilla who've been in touch to ask how - and indeed what - they're doing. Occasionally I get emails asking what happened in between the novels. Usually the answer is 'not much', which is why there isn't a book about it. However... some people wondered whether … Continue reading They’re back! A new MEDICUS novella on 9 July

Gold rush, AD75-style

Floodlit tunnel through rock

Just back from the fantastic Dolaucothi Gold Mines in mid-Wales - the only Roman gold mines known in Britannia. This tunnel looks fine in the floodlights, but the original miners would never have seen it like that - they'd have had to manage with little oil lamps. Things hadn't improved much by Victorian times, when … Continue reading Gold rush, AD75-style