CARPE DIEM – Week 4 – the final week

Hello! Here's the final week of CARPE DIEM, a new story that's been published in instalments and featuring Albanus from the MEDICUS series. If you didn’t catch the earlier weeks, they're in previous blog posts starting here. You can also find the instalments on Facebook.   Better still, check out – you’ll find great … Continue reading CARPE DIEM – Week 4 – the final week

Prima Facie in audio now!

We interrupt the recent silence from Downie Towers to bring you the news that the long-awaited audio of PRIMA FACIE is now available! Three hours in the company of Ruso, Tilla and Ruso's dysfunctional family - all brought to life by the excellent Simon Vance. Happy days! PRIMA FACIE should be in all the usual … Continue reading Prima Facie in audio now!