Much of what Legionary medicus Ruso has been told about Britannia isn’t true. Unfortunately much of what he’s told by his local expert – the enigmatic and independent-minded Tilla – may not be true either. And when it comes to murder, somebody is lying to both of them.
“Human, satisfying and meticulously researched, Downie’s series is always a pleasure to read.” Imogen Robertson, Historia magazine
 VITA BREVIS, the seventh Medicus novel, is now available – in ebook everywhere and in print & audio in the USA/Canada. Print copies will be in the UK in September.
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Book VII

Vita Brevis

Vita Brevis HB cover


Book VI

Tabula Rasa

Book V

Semper Fidelis

Cover of Semper Fidelis paperback


 Book IV

Caveat Emptor

(AKA Ruso and the River of Darkness)

Cover of Caveat EmptorCover of Ruso and the River of Darkness


Book III

Persona non Grata

(AKA Ruso and the Root of all Evils)

Cover of Persona Non GrataCover of Ruso and the Root of All Evils


Book II

Terra Incognita

(AKA Ruso and the Demented Doctor)

Terra Incognita cover, links to Bloomsbury websitePaperback of Ruso and the Demented Doctor


Book I


(AKA Ruso/Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls) 

ruso-penguin-paperback-cover.jpgMedicus cover published by Bloomsbury USA