Mosaic of man rowing boat cover of Caveat Emptor
British cover

A novel featuring death, taxes and angry barbarians.

Ruso has arrived back in Britannia with his new wife Tilla and a trunk full of  wedding crockery. As promised, his friend Valens has found him a job, but it isn’t quite what he was expecting. Tilla wants a home for the wedding presents and Ruso wants to work as a medic, but instead the pair find themselves embroiled  in the hunt for missing tax man Julius Asper.

American cover

Of course there’s something else missing – money. And the Council of the town of Verulamium is bickering over what’s become of it. Compelled to delve deeper when Asper is found murdered, Ruso discovers that the good townsfolk may not be as loyal to Rome as they like to appear. Despite our hero’s best efforts to get himself fired from the job of investigator, he and Tilla find themselves trapped at the heart of an increasingly treacherous conspiracy.

“BBC’s Masterpiece should take a long look at this series. It’s a winner.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A great read.” – Manda Scott, author of the ‘Boudica’ series and ‘Rome – the Emperor’s Spy’

“Downie’s wonderful historical mystery series… cruises along in high gear in this entertaining fourth instalment.   … Downie remains a peerless storyteller and a master entertainer.” – Kirkus reviews

“Superb… Downie excels in bringing the ancient world to life.” – Publishers Weekly – starred review

“Downie sure-footedly makes the the whole story very plausible and constantly intriguing.” – Alt Hist

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USA ISBN-13: 978-1596916081

LARGE PRINT USA ISBN-13: 978-1410436498

UK ISBN-13: 978-1916469433

Caveat Emptor was originally published in the UK as Ruso and the River of Darkness.

Cover of Ruso and the River of Darkness