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“He lied to me, Tilla. I’m his oldest friend, we came all this way, and he lied to me.”

“So? Valens lies to everybody.”

“Yes, but it never really mattered before.”

A scandal is threatening to engulf the popular spa town of Aquae Sulis (modern-day Bath). The wife of Ruso’s best friend, Valens, has been found dead in the sacred hot spring, stabbed through the heart. Fearing the wrath of the goddess and the ruin of the tourist trade, the temple officials are keen to cover up what’s happened. But the dead woman’s father is demanding justice, and he’s accusing Valens of murder.

Cover of Memento Mori, US edition
American cover

If Valens turns up to face trial, he will risk execution. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose his children.

Ruso and Tilla do their best to help, but it’s difficult to get anyone—even Valens himself—to reveal what really happened. Could Ruso’s friend really be guilty as charged?

“As usual, Downie can be relied on for crisp, balanced prose and a sharp eye for historic detail. The inclusion of a map, period quotations, and a cast of characters not only aids armchair detectives, but enhances authenticity.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Downie is masterful at depicting life in ancient Rome, and the setting of Aquae Sulis (still open to tourists) is a crime scene coup.– Booklist


“…a genuinely thrilling action sequence towards the end of the book makes for heart-pounding reading. The author has created a beautiful array of characters and a lovely setting, the perfect foil to Ruso.” – Carly Silver

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USA –  Hardback and ebook from Bloomsbury

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-62040-961-9

BritanniaPaperback and ebook from Amazon UK
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-98571-187-7


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