PRIMA FACIE: a crime novella of the Roman Empire…

Mosaic of sleeping lovers Cover of PRIMA FACIE The sun is shining on Roman Gaul, but Ruso’s brother has left him in charge of a farm he has no idea how to manage, a chronic debt problem and a gaggle of accident-prone small children. Meanwhile their sister Flora has run away to rescue her boyfriend, who’s accused of murdering a wealthy guest at a party.

Can Ruso and Tilla save the boyfriend from the murder charge – or should they be saving Flora from the boyfriend? Will any of the guests tell the truth about the fatal party before it’s too late? And how long can Ruso continue to lie about what’s inside the bath house?

Several friends of Ruso and Tilla have asked what happened between their trip to Rome in VITA BREVIS and their arrival back in Britannia in MEMENTO MORI. Did they call in on Ruso’s family in the south of Gaul? Indeed they did. This novella is the story of that visit. Regular readers will meet some familiar faces here. Readers who have never spent time with Ruso and Tilla will, I hope, enjoy the story without needing to know anything about what happened beforehand. 

PRIMA FACIE will be published on 9 July and will be available to order via all good bookshops.

Paperback ISBN: 9781916469488

Readers who shop on UK Amazon can order via this link. If you buy from, this is where you’ll find it. For Amazon in Germany, click here.



Mosaic portrait of man and woman captioned THE MEDICUS SERIES

2 thoughts on “Novella – coming soon!

  1. Will it be available via audio version ? I am mostly blind and can’t read more than a paragraph at a time.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Edita, I’m sorry there isn’t an audio edition planned at the moment, which is a bit frustrating. I can’t promise anything but I’ll make some enquiries and see what’s possible.

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