Kindle bargains for UK and Australia!

I've saved this till after midday as, despite appearances, it's not an April Fool. Amazon UK really have knocked down the price of all 8 full-length Medicus novels to 99p each (!) on Kindle until 30 April, and I'm told that they're $1.49 each on this month, too. That's a whole series* for £7.92 … Continue reading Kindle bargains for UK and Australia!


The good folks at Bloomsbury USA tell me that "Persona non Grata", Ruso and Tilla's third adventure, is a Kindle deal on for the whole of July. Apparently you can take an imaginary trip to Roman Gaul for only $1.99!* Sadly friends this side of the pond can't access it, but as "Ruso and … Continue reading Bargain!

A blessing, a curse and a warning

A blessing upon:  the good folk of Lancashire,  Staffordshire and Leicestershire, who apparently borrowed more Ruso books from their libraries than anyone else in the UK in 2008-9.  This isn't really a fair comparison, since I got the figures from the PLR (Public Lending Right) website and they only include the sample libraries chosen for … Continue reading A blessing, a curse and a warning

Another technological adventure

Following the more-or-less successful foray into slideshows (see below) I've finally plucked up the courage to venture onto Facebook. Or rather, Ruso and Tilla have. (They don't anticipate Twittering any day soon, though. They have more urgent things to do and their author has no plans to inflict the spectacular tedium of her daily life … Continue reading Another technological adventure