Kindle bargains for UK and Australia!

I've saved this till after midday as, despite appearances, it's not an April Fool. Amazon UK really have knocked down the price of all 8 full-length Medicus novels to 99p each (!) on Kindle until 30 April, and I'm told that they're $1.49 each on this month, too. That's a whole series* for £7.92 … Continue reading Kindle bargains for UK and Australia!

Blog tour: My writing process

Thanks to Judi Moore, multi-talented author of “Is death really necessary?” for inviting me to join the blog tour that hunts out the answers to four questions. Mercifully, "Is death really necessary?" isn't one of them. Judi’s answers can be found here.  Mine are below. I'm charged with handing on the baton, and have contacted … Continue reading Blog tour: My writing process

Emergency surgery with a biro

I've just finished checking through the proofs of the next Ruso novel, TABULA RASA, which will be out in the summer. (It's set during the building of Hadrian's Wall, in case anyone's wondering.) Either Bloomsbury's typesetters are impressively accurate or I'm a rubbish proofreader, because there seemed to be hardly any typos to correct. So, … Continue reading Emergency surgery with a biro