They’re back! A new MEDICUS novella on 9 July

Cover of PRIMA FACIE Mosaic of lovers in bath house

Many thanks to the patient friends of Ruso and Tilla who've been in touch to ask how - and indeed what - they're doing. Occasionally I get emails asking what happened in between the novels. Usually the answer is 'not much', which is why there isn't a book about it. However... some people wondered whether … Continue reading They’re back! A new MEDICUS novella on 9 July

VITA BREVIS is (almost) out in the UK!

At last! The hardback of VITA BREVIS, the story of Ruso and Tilla's trip to Rome, goes on sale in the UK tomorrow (22 September). You can read the beginning here. This publication is less nerve-wracking than usual because the book's already been released in the US and in other formats here, and I'm grateful to … Continue reading VITA BREVIS is (almost) out in the UK!

Competition fever!

There's competition fever here at Downie Towers, with the caption competition running till the end of July, plus two more chances to win goodies. Apologies to those who've heard this all before, but in case you haven't... First, a chance to stock up your summer reading bag with books of your choice, or to win … Continue reading Competition fever!

VITA BREVIS, published today – and a caption competition.

I'm delighted to announce that Ruso and Tilla's seventh adventure, set in the great city of Rome itself, is now available on an e-reader near you! Find out more about it here. If you live in the USA, Canada or Cambridge*, VITA BREVIS should also be available in a bookshop.  (*The fine folk at Heffers … Continue reading VITA BREVIS, published today – and a caption competition.

Badly dressed for the Bard

Big thanks to Fiona and the staff at the lovely Walter Henry’s bookshop in Bideford, who marked the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on Saturday with tea and cake and fine hospitality. The collective noun for a gathering of  local readers, writers and historians should probably be ‘a gossip’ but we fell respectfully silent to … Continue reading Badly dressed for the Bard