Events, dear boy,* events

[*or girl - Ed.] For those of us who sit hunched over a computer all day, a chance to get out and meet real people is very exciting. I'll be taking part in  several events over the next few weeks so if you're able to join us, please come and say hello. 16 October - … Continue reading Events, dear boy,* events

Last month I didn’t know what a Blog Hop was…

...and now I'm about to be in one. Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment and edification, this coming Thursday a varied group of writers will be presenting a round of blog posts entitled: Goodness knows what will be on offer as to the best of my knowledge, hardly anyone knows what anyone else has chosen … Continue reading Last month I didn’t know what a Blog Hop was…

Murder in the Library

I've been saving this one for now because it wouldn't do to post two exhibitions at once, even though we did rush from one to the other on the same day. The British Library isn't far from the British Museum, so we hurried up there to have a look at their Murder in the Library … Continue reading Murder in the Library

Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum

I  love the British Museum more every time I visit. Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by the same volcano AD 79, in but in different ways, so that different kinds of things survived in the buried wreckage. Now the British Museum has cleverly put items from the two together to give a vivid picture of … Continue reading Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Ruso at the Seaside for World Book Day – 7 March

I'll be deep in the Celtic heartlands to celebrate World Book Day this Thursday, taking Ruso and Tilla  to Ilfracombe Library.  Dug the Iron Age Man (not a character, but a facial reconstruction) will be there too. There will be an element of suspense to the proceedings, for me if not for everyone else, as … Continue reading Ruso at the Seaside for World Book Day – 7 March

Postmortem on Bodies

No report on the very enjoyable Bodies in the Bookshop day here, because it's over at the Mystery People website, complete with photos. Incidentally, what an august venue the Cambridge Union is! And how glad and guilty I felt to be there, while  only fifty miles away, tougher members of the Historical Writers' Association were … Continue reading Postmortem on Bodies

Reshuffling the Bodies

A few changes to the programme for Bodies in the Bookshop, so here's the official email, hot off the internet this morning - Bodies in the Bookshop 2012 Saturday 14th July from 10am The Cambridge Union Society, 9A Bridge Street Cambridge CB2 1UB (link to: Join us in the Cambridge Union for our biggest … Continue reading Reshuffling the Bodies