Monday on the blog tour – A Fantastical Librarian

Today I'm honoured to join Mieneke van der Salm, the award-nominated Fantastical Librarian. Check out her web pages for a wide selection of reviews and author interviews, and this link  for a chance to win a copy of VITA BREVIS wherever you live. If I'd realised Mieneke was also a real librarian, I'd have tidied … Continue reading Monday on the blog tour – A Fantastical Librarian

VITA BREVIS is (almost) out in the UK!

At last! The hardback of VITA BREVIS, the story of Ruso and Tilla's trip to Rome, goes on sale in the UK tomorrow (22 September). You can read the beginning here. This publication is less nerve-wracking than usual because the book's already been released in the US and in other formats here, and I'm grateful to … Continue reading VITA BREVIS is (almost) out in the UK!

Eboracum Roman Festival – counting down to 1 June!

I know... no blog posts for ages, and then two in a row. But just in case anyone's missed the publicity so far... Eboracum Roman Festival is coming very soon, and it's going to be spectacular. There's a splendid programme of events for all ages, and much of the festival is freely open to the … Continue reading Eboracum Roman Festival – counting down to 1 June!

The library of illegible books

Big news in recent weeks, as Ruso and Tilla have mentioned on their Facebook page. (They must be reading my mind.) It now seems someone's found a way to read the charcoal ink on the scrolls that were burned to a crisp by Vesuvius almost 2000 years ago. There really is a chance that Herculaneum's … Continue reading The library of illegible books

Events, dear boy,* events

[*or girl - Ed.] For those of us who sit hunched over a computer all day, a chance to get out and meet real people is very exciting. I'll be taking part in  several events over the next few weeks so if you're able to join us, please come and say hello. 16 October - … Continue reading Events, dear boy,* events