The Author as Trained Seal

Ever wondered what authors talk about when they get together? Wonder no more. Nip across to Vicki Leon's blog and eavesdrop on the virtual support group where  Steven Saylor, Vicky Alvear Shecter,  Adrienne Mayor, Caroline Lawrence, Gary Corby and I will be sharing our most embarrassing bookselling moments. Having read the first instalment, I feel better … Continue reading The Author as Trained Seal

No babies please, they’re bad for business – ?

Hats off to the excellent Rogue Classicist, who's delved a little deeper than most into the press reports of possible infanticide at a Roman brothel in Buckinghamshire. The large collection of babies' skeletons has been known about for years, but what its existence 'proves' remains a matter of debate - which of course makes it … Continue reading No babies please, they’re bad for business – ?