Portrait of the writer wondering where to put her books

Above is one of the largest and loveliest of all the books here at Downie Towers. Apart from a brief trip to the radiator to have its photo taken, it lives on the floor. It's too big and heavy to go anywhere else. However - if the property gods are kind (and here in the … Continue reading Portrait of the writer wondering where to put her books

Along the twisting paths of the internet

I don't often pay attention to the interior workings of WordPress - the part that's labelled 'Dashboard' where the author of a blog is supposed to take control. Usually I stab timidly at the occasional button and retreat, vowing to come back and get the hang of it one day. However, today I am delighted … Continue reading Along the twisting paths of the internet

Lichfield Literature

Lots of good things happening in Lichfield in the first week of October. The  lineup for this year's literature festival is here and includes Adam Hart-Davis, Sophie Hannah, Douglas Hurd, Val McDermid, Eleanor Bron, Lionel Blue, and Colin Dexter.  There is also, in the lower right-hand corner of the webpage, a writer of mysteries set in … Continue reading Lichfield Literature

Mostly armchair archaeology

Several technological goodies have popped up this week, so I thought I'd put them all together in one post. First - many thanks to Mark, who's sent a link to details of a smartphone app through which visitors can explore the sites and streets of Roman Londinium. (His original comment is under 'Welcome' above.) This one does … Continue reading Mostly armchair archaeology