VITA BREVIS is (almost) out in the UK!

At last! The hardback of VITA BREVIS, the story of Ruso and Tilla's trip to Rome, goes on sale in the UK tomorrow (22 September). You can read the beginning here. This publication is less nerve-wracking than usual because the book's already been released in the US and in other formats here, and I'm grateful to … Continue reading VITA BREVIS is (almost) out in the UK!

Four free books to win! (And no cat.)

THE DRAW HAS NOW CLOSED -  THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! The winners will be announced shortly. I'm delighted to announce that Bloomsbury are now taking over publication of all the Medicus books. This means that the first four books, originally called "Ruso and..." in the UK, will be renamed. Each book in the series … Continue reading Four free books to win! (And no cat.)

Emergency surgery with a biro

I've just finished checking through the proofs of the next Ruso novel, TABULA RASA, which will be out in the summer. (It's set during the building of Hadrian's Wall, in case anyone's wondering.) Either Bloomsbury's typesetters are impressively accurate or I'm a rubbish proofreader, because there seemed to be hardly any typos to correct. So, … Continue reading Emergency surgery with a biro

Murder in the Library

I've been saving this one for now because it wouldn't do to post two exhibitions at once, even though we did rush from one to the other on the same day. The British Library isn't far from the British Museum, so we hurried up there to have a look at their Murder in the Library … Continue reading Murder in the Library

Meet Sarah Bower

Today we're taking a brief excursion forward in time from the Romans, and I’m delighted to welcome a guest who not only writes marvellous novels, but is also in demand as a tutor to other writers. Sarah Bower’s first novel, THE NEEDLE IN THE BLOOD, was Susan Hill’s Book of the Year in 2007. Her … Continue reading Meet Sarah Bower