Competition fever!

There's competition fever here at Downie Towers, with the caption competition running till the end of July, plus two more chances to win goodies. Apologies to those who've heard this all before, but in case you haven't... First, a chance to stock up your summer reading bag with books of your choice, or to win … Continue reading Competition fever!

In the footsteps of a Roman on a mission

A piece of unexpected good news has arrived at Downie Towers - Ruso and Tilla's first adventure is being translated into Croatian. To celebrate, here's a view of Croatia's most famous Roman building, the palace of the emperor Diocletian at Split. Diocletian was an unusual emperor. Others had commissioned sprawling  extravganzas with vistas and lakes … Continue reading In the footsteps of a Roman on a mission

Back to School

Oh dear.  I've been away from the blog for so long that I feel I should mark my return with something stupendously interesting. Truth is, the Coursera Roman Architecture course* threw up all sorts of fascinating things but I was so busy keeping up with the lectures that there was no time to post them. … Continue reading Back to School

Events, dear boy,* events

[*or girl - Ed.] For those of us who sit hunched over a computer all day, a chance to get out and meet real people is very exciting. I'll be taking part in  several events over the next few weeks so if you're able to join us, please come and say hello. 16 October - … Continue reading Events, dear boy,* events