Roman engraving

Work queries (permission to quote, offers to send huge sums of money, etc.) need to be sent to Lucas Alexander Whitley.

If you’d like to send an email, here’s where it’s done.  I won’t ever pass your details on to anyone else but please type your address carefully – it’s the only way I can reply.  I always respond to emails, so if you don’t hear, something has gone wrong.

Speaking of which – there’s a bit of a distribution problem with some of the books in the UK at the moment (*sigh*). It should be sorted out early in 2018. Meanwhile  The Book Depository may be able to help, but if you’re having trouble tracking down what you want, please check out this page.

And finally – if you live in the UK and are wondering why you can’t pre-order the new book – MEMENTO MORI – I promise you it WILL be available soon. If it isn’t, I shall retire to bed and cry quietly under the duvet.