Diary Dates


Banner advertising "Blades and Banter" event showing crossed sword and axe.
Saturday 23 January, 20.00hrs UK time
Looking forward to joining fellow-author Ben Kane for a live chat on Zoom! Ben is a great storyteller who writes books set both in Roman times and in the 12th century.  This will be part of his series of informal interviews with historical fictioneers called “Blades and Banter”. He assures me that swords aren’t obligatory, but just in case, I shall come equipped with one of Ruso’s scalpels.

Tickets are £7.50 and the timing means that friends across the Atlantic will be able to join us without being seen in their pyjamas. Here’s the link to Eventbrite for more details.


Ruth in archaeological trench, speech bubble saying "I seem to have found a hole in the plot."

SATURDAY 8 MAY 10am UK time:
“Imagining the Past”.

I’ll be Zooming across to Rugby Archaeological Society along with fellow-scribe Christine Hancock, whose novels tell the story of Byrhtnoth, the 10th century warrior who led his people against the Vikings. We’ll be talking about the overlap between archaeology and fiction, and below you should find the poster with everything you need to know.


SaveTuesday 11 May

On the evening of Tuesday 11 May I’ll be delivering the Alan Priestley Memorial lecture to old comrades at CLASP . This will be a more in-depth look at the archaeology behind the MEDICUS stories but as I’m not really an archaeologist, there will only be one or two maps surrounded by lots of pretty pictures.

Everyone is welcome to join us – it’ll be 7.30 pm in the UK so probably mid-afternoon on the US East Coast and late morning on the US West coast. ) Here’s the link to get the details and book a place, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry. This one is being recorded. (So you can leave all the worrying to me.)

Practising to deliver a more in-depth look at the archaeology.